Achieving our potential through a new vision, mission and set of new values and behaviours

The challenge:

Achieving our potential through a new vision, mission and set of new values and behaviours Big KnowsWhilst the then Vision, Values and Behaviours had served the business well for many years, the Group HR Director felt they no longer reflected the future direction of the business.  She wanted not only to provide inspirational words for the team to follow, but to set new ways of working through values and behaviours the teams could determine which in turn would help them to be lived and breathed.

Having sat in the audience of a local event where Simon delivered a keynote motivational speech, I instantly felt a connection, an authenticity that inspired me to drive forward with my plan of resetting the Groups purpose.

What Big Knows did?

Recognising a need for a small cohort of our senior leaders to reconnect as a team Simon delivered a three-day hearts and minds workshop. Enabling the team to understand each other more and to develop a stronger bond. 

Following the success of this and working with Simon, he was then tasked with leading a further team of senior leaders to redesign a complete set of VMV. This involved a 360 degree assessment and understanding of the business involving clients, suppliers and of significant importance 100 colleagues from across every department , job function and group business. Following a 12 month programme of interviews and workshops the new VMV&B were established

The aha moment

Having spent time with Simon to discuss what the business wanted to achieve, he quickly grasped the concept, understanding the challenges of a family owned business but was passionate and enthusiastic about becoming an integral part of the wider Group family. He took time to understand the brands, the family history and of great importance, ensuring the voice of our people was truly heard.

The results

The results from the project are 2-fold

  • because a large percentage of our people were involved from start to finish in the project, engagement levels increased significantly – people have been keen to demonstrate the behaviours in their working lives and take ownership of promoting the new values to new colleagues
  • the new vision and mission have given the business more clarity and purpose and in time should shift the balance from focusing on the financial success of the business to putting people first

Achieving our potential through a new vision, mission and set of new values and behaviours Big Knows

Three words to describe Simon and his Big Knows

  • inspirational
  • authentic/ real
  • motivational

Final thoughts…

Simon’s ability to understand what makes people tick is truly commendable.

He has an infectious, positive personality and a real passion and drive to achieve the best results for the people whilst not forgetting the purpose of the project at hand. I have yet to learn how he keeps his energy levels so high day after day! I have developed not just a professional relationship but found a long term friend in Simon.

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