Ever wondered what you could achieve with a positive leadership mindset?

Ever wondered what you could achieve with a positive leadership mindset?

It’s no surprise that your self-belief, positivity and resilience play a huge role in your leadership mindset. They are your golden tickets to get you to the place you, your team and your business most desire. 

If you want to...

Improve your confidence & self-esteem.

Make your teams more resilient.

Increase your self-worth & lead with purpose.

Stop doubting yourself & believe in YOU more.

Manage the voices inside your head.

Get your teams more positive & focused.

Stop thinking about the what ifs... Start thinking about the

...Introducing proven, positive leadership mindset solutions to help get you and your teams started on that path to continued success.


Executive Coaching

Join me in a safe, trusting space where you can be guided, supported and challenged. We'll work on helping you understand how to create a positive leadership mindset to deal with whatever life throws at you.

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Corporate Work

Leadership & Management Training

I'll work alongside your Senior Leadership Team to help individuals, teams and sometimes entire organisations to develop a winning set of positive leadership behaviours.

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Open Courses

Motivational Speaking

From your Annual Conference to a Strategy Away Day or a more intimate senior leadership team gathering, Big Knows is comfortable in all settings and has been known "to really read a room" irrespective of its size.

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From your perspective

Let’s cut to the chase. To see real results, you’ve got to be 100% committed to your cause, be willing to put in the hard yards, hold yourself accountable and show up every time we meet with a burning desire to create positive change in you the leader. (Hey, nobody said this was a walk in the park!)

Prepare to be stretched out of your comfort zone – at a pace that suits you, of course – to be challenged on your current leadership perspectives and, fundamentally, allow yourself to trust in and enjoy the process. Those senior leaders that have done so have experienced  game-changing, sometimes life-changing, moments that have changed their mindset and perspective.

So what can you expect from me? Well, I love my work and enjoy getting to know my clients and their various challenges. For my part, you’ll get everything I’ve got, my key driver delivering on value and ultimately, your success.

About Big Knows

What’s holding you back?

Get honest with yourself: what’s stopping you creating a more positive leadership mindset? We’ve all got baggage, some more than others.

But how we package it up and store it defines whether it’s going to weigh us down or prepare us for the future.

Are you looking to: progress your career, find that new job, achieve financial success, build confidence, get over a divorce, restore self-belief, kick some bad habits, improve self-esteem, overcome anxiety and overwhelm, tame those negative thoughts or just learn to love yourself all over again? Keep on reading.

I’ve experienced all of the above situations at times throughout my life; this helps me to truly empathise with where you might be right now and guide you with the compassion you deserve. Thankfully, I realised that if I wanted to get my life back on track, to start being the positive person I knew I wanted to be, it was my decision, my choice, to turn things around. And that’s what I did. I started to make the right choices. You can too.

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