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Helps you see what's under your nose...

Big Knows appreciates that you usually know what you need to do – but sometimes it takes a third-party to help you take notice. Big Knows is a vehicle that helps you to see clearly. 

This may look like getting you out of a rut. Or maybe you just need a friendly push to help overcome barriers, face challenges head on or take your next step with confidence.

You need someone on your side to separate the wood from the trees. 

Helps you find a better way forward.

Whether it be more self-forgiveness, a different perspective, confidence or clarity, you are encouraged to take what you need and propel yourself forward.

We will address bad habits, replacing them with positive ones and act as the gentle arm to nudge and hold you accountable when you’re lost or unsure which way to go.

Big Knows will uncover where you need to be and guide you back to the path which takes you there. 

Listens and challenges.

Big Knows listens – deeply – to what is said, what isn’t and everything in between.

This provides a great platform for you to open up and be challenged – through poignant questions that will help you reveal your truth and progress towards your goals. 

Holds people accountable.

Big Knows will hold you accountable – helping you to push yourself further. Whether it be a career opportunity, readjustment period or something else, he’ll be there every step of the way to help you keep moving (even if you need to take a step back before propelling forward). 

Through constant reflection, Simon helps clients learn from the past and move forward.

He acts as the gentle hand pushing you towards a better version of yourself and will check in to ensure your good habits are applied and working for you. 

Creates a safe space to explore.

A safe space – free from judgement – where you can explore yourself completely. No topic is off the table; Simon will be your confidant. 

He does this by listening and recognising that trust is a two-way street and leads by example – showing his own vulnerable side – so that people can understand themselves, their ambitions and demons better.

This cannot be achieved without trust and the comfort to be yourself. 

Shares personal learnings.

Simon relates to his clients and steers them from his own personal experience. Using his own stories, pain and progress, Simon can level with individuals and connect better than traditional coaches – on a real, personal and unique level. 

Simon leads by example – walking the walk, rather than talking the talk. He applies his learnings from his own marital problems, children, career and life – and appreciates that progress is a journey, not a destination.

This offers opportunity for lessons learnt by experience and furthers the connection with you. 

Read on to discover how working with Big Knows helped others like you face up to their challenges…And win!