The RE3 Effect<br>our bespoke<br>coaching process

The RE3 Effect
our bespoke
coaching process

Our proven positive leadership mindset growth coaching framework that helps you find the answers to YOUR challenges.


First, we’ll take a moment for reflection and self-awareness. This will give us the opportunity to establish and acknowledge your old habits, understanding how they have shaped your current behaviours and critically, why they could be holding you back.

This part requires your complete commitment, transparency and total trust if you want to move towards the new, improved positive version of you.

Really know what makes you tick? To ensure you’re in tune with who you are and to better understand why you are like you are, we’ll assess your DISC style, the world renowned behavioural tool.


Secondly, we’ll take a nosy at how you see the world, how your perspective impacts more than you realise on your behaviours. We then focus on your perspective and thought process, reframing both by creating a new set of positive habits and behaviours.

You’ll learn from others like you who felt stuck, lost, overwhelmed, anxious and caught in the crossfire of life, uncertain any more of which choices to make.

You’ll experience your Aha moments here, feeling real clarity and a true sense of purpose as you begin to realise and feel you're heading on the right track.


Finally, it’s pointless reflecting and reframing if you stop there. It’s not magic; you need to get stuck into practicing all that you have learnt.

To successfully re-invent yourself: practice makes perfect.

In this final stage, you’ll experience your major wins. Turn your dreams into a reality.

Take outs include:

- a more harmonious connection with yourself
- easily identifying and implementing the positive traits and behaviours you most admire
- managing all your relationships more effectively
- building more long-lasting and loyal connections along the way


Rest assured, you’ll walk away with tested and trusted techniques to enable your positive leadership mindset that if you continually apply over and over again, you’ll soon be wondering why this ‘stuff’ wasn’t taught at school...

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