The Big Knows Guide to Building a Values-Driven Business

“Corporate culture matters. How management chooses to treat its people impacts everything for better or worse.” – Simon Sinek 

Company values support your business’s purpose and help create a company culture you want to be proud of. They aren’t just words you stick on the wall and bring up occasionally.  

They should be used to dictate how your people behave. Communicated clearly so prospects and customers know who you are and what you represent. Helping you build a strong culture and attract those you want to work with.  

It’s time to explore why it’s crucial to believe in your values, to get your team to believe in them too and truly embody what your company stands for. 

Do you believe in your values? 

It’s the first question we often ask businesses we work with. One of the most common areas where businesses fail is having too many values which equates to business leaders not remembering them and employees not realising them. 

To make your values truly sing: 

  1. Get your employees involved in choosing/defining your core values. Employees experience your business first-hand, so they should be more than willing to divulge what your company means to them. 
  2. Engage with those people who truly experience your brand – your customers, partners / suppliers. Be brave. Ask them what they truly think. Remember, all feedback is good feedback.
  3. Once you’ve decided on your core values, it’s time to talk about them. We’re not talking about posters on walls or an email with a zany little character shouting “BE KIND!”, but the creation of a communication plan that you promote internally which gets your people excited about your values, and that your company sticks to. 
  4. Your business leaders need to become advocates for your values. In case that didn’t sink in: business leaders, become value advocates! Leaders need to adopt behaviours they wish to see and these need to align with your core business values. 

You are what you do.  

When making decisions look to your core values; when deciding on your priorities, look to your core values. Recognise behaviours that align with your values and reward your employees appropriately with incentives and promotions.  

Make your values tangible to your employees by reinforcing them. 

Understanding your values with Big Knows 

When you’re a little too close to your business, it can be hard to define your values, especially if you don’t fully wear them like a badge of honour on your chest. 

We are the experts when it comes to helping you establish and develop a winning set of positive behaviours that will make your business succeed. We’ve worked across a whole host of industries to develop a selection of workshops that assists in growth and development to enable businesses to become more engaged, focussed, productive and, ultimately, more profitable.   

Here are some of the ways we can help you better illustrate and understand your company values. 

Positive mindset training workshops 

Our positive mindset training workshops can help your company bolster its values by: 

  • Helping employees build new, positive habits that align with your company’s values 
  • Teaching employees how to embrace positive change, helping them stay motivated and focused on achieving your company’s goals 
  • Showing employees how to turn bad moods into good ones can create a more positive and productive work environment 

Empowering employees to tap into the power of their subconscious minds to achieve their aspirations and goals can help your company reach new heights. 

The ‘Brucie Bonus’ when it comes to positive mindset training workshops is they can help reduce employee turnover, increase employee satisfaction, and strengthen team spirit. 

Who doesn’t want a more productive, successful workplace? 

Vision, mission, and values workshops 

Establishing your vision, mission and values (VMV), and behaviours enables you to win the hearts and minds of your people, making them completely committed to achieving your business objectives and delivering your strategy. 

You’ll learn some home truths about your organisation and what drives your people too. 

This workshop gets into the nitty gritty of: 

  • Working alongside relevant stakeholders to define the inspirational vision, values and mission and behaviours behind your journey. 
  • Uncovering the purpose that makes YOU who you are and, more importantly, who you want to be. 
  • Establishing your inspirational purpose to help bring clarity and underpin the culture that you wish to create for your people and teams. 

Consisting of two workshops (VMV for your senior leadership teams and behaviours for your colleagues) which are delivered to your colleagues, clients, suppliers and partners through a tailored set of probing questions. 

These workshops are in place to help your business develop a set of behaviours that demonstrate your values. These behaviours will be specific actions that your employees take to truly embody your company goals. 

Leadership and management development 

Supporting your team by developing their leadership and management skills, these workshops include topics such as: 

  • impactful delegation 
  • influencing and motivating colleagues and clients 
  • leadership styles and how best to adapt 
  • embracing feedback 

This workshop helps your leaders hone their leadership and management skills so your team can better embody your company values and create a more positive and productive work environment.  

Just so you know, there are more topics available, and we would be happy to create a bespoke programme if required.  

Time to revisit your company values? 

Company values are important for creating a meaningful business. 

By defining your values, communicating them effectively throughout your business and living them out in your day-to-day operations, you can create a positive and productive work environment where employees are more engaged and motivated. 

Food for thought Unhappy workers will miss almost four more days of work per year than satisfied employees. Companies with engaged employees consistently outperform their competition by 20%. 

Strong company values attract and retain top talent. 

We can help you develop a streamlined values process to promote a positive work environment and provide your business with a sense of direction and purpose. 

If you want to get the ball rolling, get in touch today.  

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