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How it started

There are times in your life when you realise it’s time to change. Some call it their ‘AHA’ or light bulb moment. I had mine in summer 2015.

I had just survived a cancer scare and my recuperation time gave me the chance to seriously reflect on:

  • What I truly wanted to do
  • Who I wanted to be
  • How I wanted to be remembered.

So I made changes – positive changes that have led me to where I am today.

And positive change is what it’s all about. So, I realised to feel fulfilled and make the most of this thing called life, I had to start with me.

So what is
Big Knows?

It is my ever-growing understanding of the power of a positive mindset, how to get there and the changes that can happen when you create the best version of yourself. For your family, for your career and, ultimately, for you.

Big Knows focuses on helping you through a series of positive mindset growth coaching and training solutions – empowering, encouraging and teaching you how to positively reset your mindset and overcome whatever is holding you back.

It’s a business based on knowledge and fuelled by personal experience and a knack for just ‘getting’ people. I help you gain clarity and unlock your next steps.

…I’ll help you to “clear the crap” so you can think straight, as one recent client explained it!

Working with
Big Knows

Customers tell me it’s rewarding, empowering, challenging, supportive, encouraging, reassuring, friendly, trusting, non-judgemental, uplifting, caring, safe, empathetic and thankfully, enjoyable…So that’s the outcome we’ll both set out when we first chat.

To me, it’s imperative that we both break the ice before diving into any coaching or training space. We both have to feel 100% comfortable that our experience is going to yield the right results for you, and that I have the solutions that can bring about the answers you need.

Spoiler alert. The answers that you need are within you, always have been. It’s my job to help you find them…

Working Together

Getting to know you

We'll start with an hour 'getting to know you' session to see whether we gel; this ensures our time together is meaningful and worthwhile for us both. We can meet face to face, on Zoom or out in the fresh air - perhaps in the hills and countryside? This first one’s on me as well, if we decide to work together...

Defining your goals

After we've taken the time to get to know each other, it's time to define your goals. I'll guide, challenge and support you to understand how to overcome whatever challenges and mental blocks we may uncover...Ultimately, we'll find the answers you need to progress.

Achieving your goals

We’ll work towards your goals, together. This could include: creating a more positive mindset, career development, achieving more financial success, building confidence, re-igniting your mojo, overcoming anxiety, taming your negative thoughts and much more. Each journey is personal; it keeps things interesting!

Applying my experience

With my own life experiences, DISC training and accredited coaching frameworks, our RE3 Effect process and my extensive knowledge of human behaviours and psychological theory, I’m well placed to help you move forward. Leaning on my personal experience, I understand what real transformation takes and what is required to carve out a better and more positive life.

Trust me, it’s worth it.


Experience has taught me to choose your partners wisely. Relationships thrive if both parties are aligned culturally and commercially and if you both share the same purpose and values.

I'm proud to introduce my fab four. You've all played your part in helping define me as a Coach, and Big Knows the brand.

Here's to us all continuing to make positive changes in the lives of those we support.


DISCsimple works with people to understand behaviour using body of knowledge known as DISC from Everything DiSC® a Wiley brand. The DISC principles can be used to improve relationships, communication, teamwork and productivity. DISC is a tool used by over a million people globally in the workplace every year. By providing online and face to face access to DISC knowledge we promise to keep DISC simple and to use it only for good.

Having supported several profiling tools down the years, I can safely say this is the one that really caught my eye. Simplicity in its implementation, powerful in its outputs, Sarah and her team of DISCiples are on a mission to make all our lives that bit more manageable.

Being called a DISCiple was also too hard to turn down!



Freshwalks helps you feel and perform better. In life and in business. It does this in five ways. Through an enhanced state of mental performance and wellbeing, improved physical fitness, collaboration with others, knowledge sharing and growing your network.

Having known Michael since 2011, working for him at Studio North and with him at legendary networking event, TwitFaced Events, I can speak first hand about his passion for people and their wellbeing. Freshwalks continually stretches me, enabling me to step out of my mental and physical comfort zone in some challenging terrains and weathers.

I have made some dear and life long friends in those hills too.


Digital Advantage

Digital Advantage delivers innovative work experiences to young people of all ages and abilities. Our industry-led programmes accelerate technical, creative and business skills to reveal the hidden talents of all our students. It’s innovative, engaging, effective and fun for learners, teachers and wider school community.

One of the most empowering and rewarding work experiences watching first hand how young people begin to reveal their hidden talents during our Pop-Up Agency Bootcamps. One of the original trainers for this ground-breaking and award winning concept way back in 2016, I still get goosebumps every time we deliver.

Thanks Andy, Ezra and Rav for the continued experiences and long may they last!



Having always wanted to enhance the learner experience, it was a stroke of luck when Mark Williams landed in my inbox to talk all things engagement and training. A frustrated trainer himself, he set about creating a platform to finally give learners a more rounded training experience.

I have been using GiraffePad since 2019 to create a single engaging space for the whole learning journey I’ll take you and your teams on, meaning I can add value and impact for longer and at a deeper level than traditional training.


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