A safe, exclusive, trusting executive coaching space where you can be guided, supported and challenged with a programme designed for you and your challenges.

Understand how to create a positive leadership mindset and deal with whatever curveballs your business and industry throws at you.

Who you are...

You’re female, aged late 30’s to early 50’s, curious and eager to learn what blind spots have been holding you back. You want to understand and resolve your inner conflicts and discover that lightbulb moment that will lead to a happier version of you as a leader.

You might be action-focused and ambitious, a mum returning to work, seeking out the next step in your career or looking for the recognition you know you deserve… Or you might be wanting to increase your confidence, self-esteem, self-belief and your sense of worth…

Perhaps all of the above!

NB: I of course welcome and encourage opportunities to help support the male species – young and the more mature – and have enjoyed success over the years in helping them to deal with their challenges.

You guys just need to come with an open mind and a willingness to share…It’s how we get the best results!

How I can help...

I was raised in a strong, matriarchal household with my Mum, Auntie and older sister. Growing up with these role influential and strong models steering me, it’s perhaps no surprise that this has had a resounding impact on my perspective and empathy – which has helped me to develop my coaching style.

For this reason, I feel like I am naturally drawn to wanting to help coach and support women.

Most of my clients are female. In my experience, you can be more in tune with your emotions, which creates a more open and collaborative space for us to work together. And yes, there are many men out there who are also emotionally tuned in.

How it works...

Sessions can be face to face or online if preferred. Happy to be flexible so long as learnings are embedded, impacts still powerful and that your learnings stick.

Each session builds on the last to give a sense of progress – and if wobbles occur because they can – I’m right by your side to coach you back on track. Contact to me exists outside of our sessions as well – important you know I’m always there for you.

Sessions to run at times to suit from early mornings to early evenings. Weekends can be accommodated if that helps create flexibility with your family and work commitments.

Content focus is on building and developing a growth mindset and a positive mental attitude for you using a variety of tried, tested and trusted cognitive behavioural and positive psychology theories and techniques.

Key takeaway is your own mental health wellbeing ‘toolkit’ for you to use whenever it’s needed.

What it can cost?

There’s a strong likelihood that you’ll be paying for this 1-2-1 coaching out of your own pocket so important you’re aware of how much you’ll be investing in yourself.

Some clients require my support for between four to five sessions. Some clients have needed nine sessions to achieve their goals and success.

Each coaching session runs for two hours. Each session is valued at £497.

Ultimately, it does of course depend on your context, what limiting self-beliefs you carry, what you want to achieve and how deep-rooted the challenge might be.

Therefore. the total cost for your 1-2-1 coaching package can range between £1,988 – £4,473.

This includes all my time and support in and out of the sessions, a programme that is tailored and exclusive to you, all my experience and my commitment to help support the new habits and behaviours you wish to achieve. If you apply and practice what you learn, you’ll wonder why you were never taught “this stuff‘ at school…

You have my assurances that I’ll leave no stone unturned to get you the results that you want.

Read how I have helped support several women (and some men) understand and overcome the challenges they were facing. Their results are truly heartwarming and highlight that with the right guidance and a desire to embrace change, everything can be within your grasp…

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