I’ll work alongside you and your Senior Leadership Team to help establish a positive leadership mindset in your business – developing a winning set of positive behaviours that will help you and your business excel. I can support individuals, teams and entire organisations with a range of compelling executive leadership coaching and training solutions.

Who you are...

Sector wise, you are from:

  • legal
  • manufacturing
  • creative and digital
  • hotel & conferencing
  • housing
  • recruitment
  • catering
  • events and leisure
  • tech
  • telecoms
  • engineering
  • charity

Yes, these are the varied sectors that have benefitted from their Big Knows engagement, be that positive leadership mindset coaching and  training, Vision, Mission, Values workshops, our series of Business Webinars or accessing our DISCsimple Behavioural Profiling Tool. But they all have one key element in common.

They truly believe their people are their key asset. And so they invest in their mindset growth and leadership development to enable their leaders and their teams to become more engaged, focussed, fulfilled, motivated, positive, productive and ultimately, more profitable.

Positive leadership mindset training workshops

Powerful and interactive workshops that will help your team understand the power of a positive leadership mindset. Your team will learn to remain motivated, focused, resilient and at their brilliant best no matter what curveballs your industry, clients or colleagues throw your way.

By investing in your people, they will learn:

  • how to build new, positive habits
  • how their thinking really drives their behaviours and how to gain total control of it
  • how to easily and effectively embrace positive change
  • how to turn bad moods into good in an instant
  • how to master and influence their inner voice, make it their best friend, not their worst enemy
  • how to create and deliver on your aspirations and goals by tapping into the power of their subconscious mind.

Delivered online or in person.

Keep reading for what outputs you can expect for both your people and your business…

Vision, mission & values workshops

Establishing your vision, mission and values (VMV) and behaviours enables you to win the hearts and minds of your people, ensuring they are completely committed to achieving the business objectives and delivering your strategy. This series of workshops will help you to learn about your organisation and what drives your people.

We will:

  • Work alongside relevant stakeholders to define the inspirational vision, values and mission and behaviours behind your journey.
  • Uncover the inspirational purpose that makes YOU who you are and significantly, who you want to be.
  • Establish your inspirational purpose to help bring clarity and underpin the culture that you wish to create for your people and teams.
  • Interrogate the execution of your strategy and process.

This “energising” process consists of two workshops – VMV for your senior leadership and Behaviours for your colleagues – which are fed by in depth feedback from your colleagues, clients, suppliers and partners from a pre-agreed set of probing questions. The outputs are revealing when you know what to ask for!

Best delivered in person!

Leadership and management development training

Powerful and interactive workshops that support your teams to develop their leadership and management skills.

Learn from these popular topics:

  • impactful delegation
  • productivity and time management
  • influencing and motivating colleagues and clients
  • leadership styles and how best to adapt
  • improving communication for win wins
  • handling challenging conversations
  • embracing feedback

NB: More topics available and happy to create a bespoke programme if required 👍

Keep reading for what key outputs you can expect for both you, your people and your business…

What can you expect in terms of outputs...

Accessing a positive leadership mindset and growth culture can help you and your teams to deal effectively with whatever leadership challenges get thrown their way. From personal to professional challenges, our coaching and training support is designed to empower individuals and help them to create a more consistent and focused, all-round leader performance.

Your people will benefit from:

  • Improvements in awareness, clarity, confidence, focus, positivity, purpose and self-belief
  • high impact performance techniques and growth mindset strategies for immediate use
  • enhanced emotional intelligence
  • deeper resilience – change
  • improved mental health
  • access to their very own positive mindset toolkit for success for the rest of their life

Your business will benefit from:

  • reduced sick days
  • better performing and more engaged employees – full of confidence, self-belief and the clarity to drive your business forward
  • a culture of empathy and caring
  • confident colleagues, empowered to think creatively
  • better stress management
  • increased productivity

DISCsimple profiling

As the world becomes more complex and life becomes more complicated, what if a group of people set out on a quest to provide a tool to others to make their relationships SIMPLE?

What if this tool helped you to:

  • better understand why you think and operate the way you do
  • easily identify the traits and behaviours of other people so you manage your relationships more effectively
  • become more efficient, focused and productive

What if this tool also helped you to:

  • build long-lasting, loyal and interesting relationships
  • reduce previous frustrations with people
  • improve your ability to communicate and become more effective all round

Say hello to DISCsimple:

How it works:

So long as we both agree that DISC is the right solution for you, the process is simple.

  • you complete an online profile (15mins)
  • your personalised report is generated, which shows an accurate assessment of your behavioural style along with knowledge about all the styles
  • your report is supported by a video call or meeting with Big Knows (45mins)

So within one hour of you completing your profile, you’ll understand it and be ready to put your learnings into action.

Simple isn’t it?

See how DISCsimple helped Natasha...

Read on to discover how engaging with Big Knows helped other businesses to get their staff back on track, enthused, inspired and motivated for whatever leadership mindset challenges lie ahead.

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