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These past couple of years have been unprecedented, changing and challenging the status quo and ultimately how we interact with one another.

In a recent study by Mind, half of the participants in the study thought their mental health would improve once Covid restrictions eased.  However, results also indicated that people are most worried about the transition period to get them there.

Hope is on the horizon. Yet, within this hope, there is a hesitance surrounding what the future might hold. Self-doubt can be a barrier to people being the happiest version of themselves.

However, as this doubt is created within oneself, adopting a positive mindset can break down these barriers and carry you into a brighter tomorrow.

Within this blog, I highlight the importance of having a positive mindset – in both work and life settings and I discuss the barriers that could be holding you back.

Read on to discover more about a positive mindset and the benefits of thinking positively.


Does projecting positivity attract positivity?

I am a firm believer that with a positive mindset comes an optimistic perspective – much better than a pessimistic one – and yes, our thoughts and feelings influence how we experience the world. So naturally, I will advocate positive thinking all day long – it’s got me through some right scrapes!

Naturally, life will still throw a tirade of curveballs your way: missing that promotion, redundancy, a bereavement, breaking up with your partner, your team getting knocked out of The Cup all the way down to a forgotten cup of tea that goes cold. It’s how you assess and respond to the situation that counts.

Take a look at what you can control and what you can’t is my recommendation. It’s time to put the kettle back on and focus on what you want.

However, it’s not just your personal life that your mindset affects. A positive mindset should run through all aspects of your character – whether that be at work or in life.

I want to share with you some of the brilliant benefits associated with having a positive mindset.


At work

The benefits of a positive mindset at work include:

  • A productivity boost

A positive mindset stimulates your brain to make sure it’s functioning at its all-time best. It increases your energy levels; makes you more alert and leaves you better equipped to seize the day! PLUS, positive thinking can help reduce your stress, helping you think more clearly and levelling up your focus.

  • A decision-making maestro

When feelings of emotion or physical tension aren’t clouding your judgement, having a positive mindset can help you make better, more valuable decisions at work. You’ll benefit from having more confidence in your decision-making as you will trust that things will work out in the end. Your peers are also likely to place more faith and trust in you to boot.

  • To be resilient is to be human

A positive mindset does not mean the sun will always be shining on you, but it will help you put whatever life throws at you into perspective. So even when you are faced with adversity, you’ll be able to keep pushing forward.


In life

The benefits of a positive mindset in life include:

  • All that matters right now

In life, a positive mindset can help you develop better, more meaningful connections with people you meet. Whether it’s meeting someone for the first time or seeing a loved one, when you have a positive mindset, you ultimately are living in the now. This means the time you are spending with an individual is the most important thing right now.

  • A brand-new lemon-scented you

When you have a positive mindset, you can revolutionise your perception of life. Adopting a more optimistic mindset means when the weather becomes bad you don’t see it as a negative entity but more of chance to dance in the rain. Looking at the good in every situation will revolutionise your life for the better.

  • More time for positive thoughts

Aging is a part of all our lives, and you have the power to control how you feel about it. A 2019 study highlights that positive thinking can result in your lifespan increasing by 11-15%

and that you have a stronger chance of living to age 85 or older. Furthermore, having a positive outlook on aging whilst you are young also increases the chances of living longer.

If you start thinking positively now, does this mean you can live forever? I’ll let you be the judge of that…


What’s stopping you from achieving a positive mindset?

It’s easy to think of the benefits of a positive mindset. However, it’s also important to highlight the barriers stopping you from getting there. Sometimes it can be an external influence. More often than not, however, the barriers come from within.

One of the biggest things holding us back is the what-if thought process. Whilst they often haunt the past, what if thinking can also hinder you from achieving your future goals, too.

What if I had worked a little bit harder, might I have got that promotion?
What if I fail my next exam and don’t get through the next stage of the interview?
What if I continue to doubt myself and I don’t fulfill my life’s potential?

What ifs are, and always have been a destructive barrier when it comes to positive thinking.

As a Coach, clients bring a multitude of barriers to our sessions:

  • What if I was more confident…
  • What if I believed in myself more…
  • What if I loved me more for who I am…
  • What if I stopped doubting myself…
  • What if I stopped making excuses…

But what is it a client truly needs in this situation?


A gentle push down the path to positivity

Your What Ifs barriers can be the difference between pursuing your lifelong ambition and staying where you are.

Only you know what they are.

So realising these barriers is one thing, but actively doing something about them is something completely different. Sometimes it can take a third party to show you the way. Big Knows has always been about helping you achieve your full potential whilst addressing what is holding you back and showing you which way to go.

I’ve experienced all of these barriers at times throughout my life; this helps me to truly empathise with where you might be right now and guide you with the compassion you deserve.

Thankfully, I realised that if I wanted to get my life back on track, I needed to become the positive person I knew I wanted to be. And that’s what I did. Yes, it can be frustrating at times but I started to make the right choices.  With the right support, you can too.

If you’re ready to start your positive mindset journey and think we’d be a good match, please get in touch with me here.



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