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There’s so much in life that you can’t control. Except for this one important thing … 

The way you think. 

You might have tried countless strategies in the past to change your mindset; negative thoughts are stopping you from getting to where you want to be.  

But no matter how much time or energy you put into it, or how badly you want to change, your thoughts and feelings always stay the same. 

Big Knows can change that. And it’s about time you knew exactly how.  

Who is Big Knows? 

A passionate advocate of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT),  Simon Calderbank is the mastermind behind Big Knows.  

He’s been helping professionals unlock a positive mindset that sticks for the past two decades, working across a range of industries and organisations in a number of roles – as a coach, engagement director and business development specialist.  

But his experience goes much deeper than that. 

In 2015, Simon survived a cancer scare.  

It was an enormous turning point for him; the catalyst that ignited a new phase of self-discovery and re-invention. 

The journey he takes people and businesses on, he’s lived it and will keep living it every day. 

He knows exactly what it takes to see things more clearly, to ride through the things that make life hard, to replace them with positive habits and keep moving forward.  

And Simon isn’t afraid to share the incredible journey he’s been on. Because he understands the value of being open and vulnerable.  

The extraordinary women who raised him – his mum, sister and auntie – taught him this superpower. It’s what makes Simon so successful as an empathetic coach, especially for women in business 

Why was Big Knows recreated?  

Big Knows has developed significantly since it was first launched in 2013. It had outgrown itself in all aspects, so Simon decided it was time to reinvent the brand. 

After working hard to refresh the website, services and brand image, Big Knows was ready to relaunch back in 2020. So why did Simon wait until now? 

Well, he has been waiting for the perfect opportunity to tell the world about the value of this new and improved Big Knows. That time has arrived.  

People are finally ready to reevaluate their lives after the challenges of the pandemic. They want to make big shifts to be happier, such as getting that new promotion or leaving an unfulfilling role. Now Simon can be there for them exactly when they need him. Why is this so important? 

Simon knows what it’s like to feel lost at critical turning points in life, how it’s much harder to move forward without support. He wants to be the person he needed all those years ago to help others seek happiness and overcome hardship.  

Now you know the who and the why behind Big Knows’ relaunch, let’s dig into what it means for you. 

What can Big Knows do for you? 


You might be a business director or senior manager. You’ve been feeling stuck, lost or confused recently but you can’t put your finger on why. You question yourself all the time and feel uncertain about your future. 

Or perhaps you know what the problem is. But you have no idea how to tackle your unease and lost sense of place. 

Either way, Big Knows 1-2-1 coaching can make all the difference. Simon’s positive mindset sessions help by: 

  • Facilitating self-reflection that leads to A-ha! moments 
  • Giving you a fresh perspective to help you see more clearly 
  • Helping you understand your ambitions and your demons  
  • Sharing personal learnings to form a more impactful connection 
  • Challenging negative thoughts to improve your sense of worth 
  • Solving and addressing the real issues you didn’t realise were there 

There are no quick fixes. But you will experience rapid progress thanks to Simon’s open-book approach. 


Your key assets are your people. As a leader, you know this. What you’re not sure of: how to help your people feel more engaged, focused, fulfilled and positive. So you can help them be the happiest versions of themselves at work while also strengthening their impact on your business. 

Big Knows can work alongside you to bring out the best in your people, either by supporting individuals, teams or the entire organisation. Purpose-driven business support includes: 

  • Helping your people navigate organisational change 
  • Establishing a new vision, mission and set of values 
  • Boosting employee engagement and wellbeing 
  • Encouraging your people to buy into the leadership 
  • Establishing a positive mindset in your business 
  • Developing a winning set of behaviours in your people 

All of which creates a more engaged and adaptable workforce, boosting productivity and profitability. 

Big Knows can also help you deliver compelling events, from annual conferences to intimate gatherings. By spending time with your key people to build an authentic picture of your business, Simon will help you understand and nail your strategy, core aims and expected outputs. 

Move on to bigger and better things 

Want to work with a contemporary coach who will help you progress like never before? Or be the catalyst your business needs to excel at everything it sets out to achieve?  

Then Big Knows is the coaching partner for you.   

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