Understanding my teenagers without having to bang my head against a brick wall!

The challenge:

Single Mum bringing up two teens and was beginning to feel like my home was operating on three different languages and I wanted to find a common ground for a more purposeful dialogue that we’d all understand and could easily use.

What Big Knows did

First of all, Simon was a good sounding board during Covid. As you can imagine, the lockdown created considerable angst amongst most teenagers. The DISCsimple Profiling was a great way – and at arms length – to get to the nitty gritty of my teens in a short and painless – to them – method.

The Aha moment

I had two!

When I saw my daughter’s profile compared against mine – it turns out that the mini me actually very different to myself and what I had thought.

When my profile compared to my son, astonishingly our profiles were almost identical. It was like looking in the mirror!

I’d always assumed my daughter was like me, assumed mainly based on gender. My son due to his neuro-diversity had forced me to think creatively and I had just assumed it was easier to parent my daughter because she was a girl…Famous last words!

The results

Acknowledging my daughter is unique in her own way and adapting my parenting of her into account. Helped me have a better understanding of her behaviours. I used to call it bad behaviour, now it’s more her reaction. Because of my now deeper understanding of my daughter, I come at it from a different angle to solve the problem. Previously, always felt like I was banging my head against a brick wall. Can now truly appreciate her strengths and see strengths whereas before maybe I did not. Ultimately, working with Simon and DISCsimple has enabled me to appreciate my daughter so much more.

Three words to describe Simon and his Big Knows

  • Positive
  • Rewarding
  • Growth for all involved

Final thoughts

Anyone who feels that they are sharing a home with Kevin and Perry do not lose hope. Because help is just around the corner in the least painful and most cost effective solution.

If your family has been struggling throughout lockdown, finding themselves in a not so harmonious environment where peace is in the minority, seek out Simon and his Big Knows because the situation can be flipped. Our family now understand each other on a much deeper level thanks to him and the DISCsimple behavioural profiling.

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