Small Wins, BIG Results

Does anyone remember the video of the US Navy Admiral telling us about the significance of making your bed?  

Spoiler alert: if you have an aversion to sharks and being neck-deep in mud, you have been warned! 

I remember the first time I saw it and it really struck a chord. It was a speech delivered to graduates of the University of Texas at Austin way back in 2014 (yikes!). 

He stated that the idea of making your bed every morning engrains a sense of discipline in yourself as well as giving you a great sense of accomplishment. This feeling is the same feeling you get as going for a 30-minute run or doing a 20-minute meditation.  

It is the simplicity of this task that pushes you forward to start your day. 

I want to share with you the importance of small wins in your day-to-day life and how these can add up to BIG changes in who you are.  

What are small wins?  

Small wins are progress points on your way to your goal. 

It could be something as simple as making your bed, taking a moment to breathe, being congratulated at work or reading a chapter of a book before bed. These all act as small wins towards your main goal. 

Say your goal is to improve your mental health and wellbeing. 

How would you approach it? 

Personally, I would create a series of small wins to assist my mental health and wellbeing such as: 

  • Listen to a related podcast on wellbeing  
  • Build-in daily reflective practice 
  • Meditate once a day 
  • Write a list of what I am grateful for at the end of every day 
  • Practice daily self-compassion 
  • Walk at least 30 minutes a day 
  • Drink a minimum of four pints of water a day 

Each of these small wins is a part of improving your mental health and wellbeing but is broken down into more manageable wins!

Plus, as these wins are smaller, you’re more likely to stick it out and achieve your goal.  

Small wins in my life 

I want to share with you some small wins in my life that really spur me on! 

Taking a moment to breathe 

A simple one but also one of my favourites to do.  

In this moment, I try to think of nothing. If intrusive thoughts begin to happen, I imagine them to be like waves rolling up on a beach. I see the waves approaching, allow them to settle, then watch them roll back into the ocean. I do this every morning as soon as I get out of my (made) bed.  

Five minutes tops. 

Other times I like to think of a time and place I was most happy. By the beach (again!), spending time with my kids or up on the mountains with the Freshwalks crew! 

Taking a moment… it’s as simple as that. 

Practicing humility  

To be humble is an incredible attribute to have. 

When you think of someone humble who do you think of? Your gran? A religious leader? Your favourite sportsman? Or, a human rights pioneer? 

An important element of humility is about seeing yourself for exactly who you are. It’s about accepting all your faults, rather than judging your downfalls. I want you to understand that this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t strive to improve yourself but you should positively acknowledge your shortcomings instead of beating yourself for your negative qualities. 

Be easy on yourself. 

Starting a new series, book or podcast 

This one is more of a guilty pleasure than a small win! 

Ask yourself is there anything more exciting than being recommended a new book, series or show? 

I for one love it!  

It lifts my mood and something so small can have a superb effect on your wellbeing. I love listening to Jay Shetty   

His back story fascinates me and if you haven’t already, strongly recommend you find the time to read (or listen to) Think Like A Monk as I always feel I can take away something special from it every time.  

I’d also add James Clear’s Atomic Habits to my go-to reads / listens. Again, another inspiring back story. 

You could say I have great admiration for them both! 

Small wins = BIG results 

They do always say small things come in big packages and in this case, they’re spot on! 

At Big Knows, I always ensure that we establish this from the start… Positive mindset training doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a series of small goals that will set you up to exactly where you want to be and ultimately your biggest win yet.   

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