Finding the confidence to start up a new business in the midst of a global pandemic.

The challenge:

I got in touch with Simon after attending a webinar where he was the guest speaker. There was something about Simon’s energy and positivity that I really liked, and I knew he was who I needed to work with as a business coach/ mentor. I was uncertain about my career, was at a crossroads and needed support and guidance in helping me find the answers I knew I needed.

I don’t think I believed there could be such a positive change before I started my sessions with Simon but he has helped me with everything from getting up when my alarm goes off (I was a very long snoozer!) to becoming my own boss, in a matter of weeks!

What Big Knows did?

From personality profiling and understanding perspective, to creating habits and retraining the voice inside my head – we covered it all! I learnt that everything is a choice, I am in control and it’s up to me to create the life I want; I just needed to change my thoughts.

We worked on my positivity and resilience scales, which significantly improved from my first session to my last, and we identified and confronted my limiting self-beliefs (which I realise now realise were holding me back!)

The aha moment

Once I realised that everything happens in my mind and I started to look at things in a more positive way – great things started to happen!

The results

All Simon’s sessions are creative and engaging and Simon is a great storyteller. But the sessions are more than just talking through issues, they are interactive and you get real outcomes that you can implement in your everyday life; ones that work for you and suit your daily routine.

Since working with Simon, I have started making decisions for ME and the things I care about, rather the things I feel I ‘should’ be doing, and I am much happier for doing so. I have created a great work/life blend and because I know what’s important to me, it is easy to set boundaries to make sure I am doing the things that make me the happiest.

Finding the confidence to start up a new business in the midst of a global pandemic. Big Knows


Three words to describe Simon and his Big Knows

  • caring
  • authentic
  • interested and invested

Final thoughts…

I now have a more consistent, positive mindset, and have so much more clarity on what I want. I am already living my best life and since working with Simon, I have had the confidence to start up a new business in the midst of a global pandemic, which a few months ago I wouldn’t have dreamed was possible!

Of course, self-doubt still creeps in from time to time, but I am more aware of it and can control it using the tools Simon has given me to manage those ‘curveballs’.

Simon is caring and authentic and wants to help you to be the best person you can be. He is more than just a coach; he goes above and beyond and is genuinely interested and invested in your wellbeing. I honestly can’t recommend him highly enough!!

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