Delivering positivity, purpose and clarity to a stressed out final year student

The challenge:

I first met Simon when I was starting my final year of university. Throughout my 22 years, maintaining self-motivation has been a constant hindrance to my productivity. Even though I care deeply about what others think about my personality and the value I can contribute, I can also be too lazy and lack confidence. These habits were only amplified by the switch to virtual university due to COVID-19 restrictions.

In school and college, any attempts from teachers to relay motivational habits never quite impacted me in the way I wanted. With the need for the most focused work output of my life so far, I realised that what I truly needed to improve my university experience and my personal skill set, was a change of mindset.

What Big Knows did

Simon offered his full support during and in between all of our sessions, always available for contact if I needed help. Within the sessions we covered useful thought processing techniques, delved into my emotional state, learnt effective habits for me to implement into my daily routine, and discussed some eye-opening case studies to tie it all together. 

Simon was also able to tailor the coaching to my personality.

The Aha moment

There was something about the delivery of techniques and phrases that stuck in my mind, more so than any previous teacher. Certain self-talk methods forced me to deeply reflect on the person I want to be, and how I can achieve this. This really impacted me and I will continue to use the self talk methods in the long term.

The results

I was able to achieve a First Class Degree, a result that I was over the moon with. I  certainly feel I owe it in part to Simon.

I noticed a positive correlation between the behavioural changes suggested by Simon and my productivity. This was really valuable to me during a typically stressful time.

Three words to describe Simon and his Big Knows

  • Inspiring
  • Surprising
  • Resonating

Final thoughts

Simon picked up on tendencies in my speech that I have never noticed in myself, but that have changed the way I communicate from now on. This really made me consider how others view me and how I can make myself an overall better person, separate to the improvements of motivation and productivity.  

Simon helped me work on my emotional state. The reduced stress and change in outlook vastly improved my positive emotions and changed how I perceive negative events.

The delivery in the final session really resonated with me and was the perfect way to end our sessions.

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