Delivering positivity, purpose and clarity for TalkTalk Women In Tech Community

The challenge

During our Women in Tech events at TalkTalk the subjects of confidence, imposter syndrome, and positive mindset came up time and time again – we wanted to put on a session that gave those subjects space, and provide some tools and techniques to help our community. 


Having worked with Simon previously, and knowing the impact he had, I knew he would be the person for the job! 


What did Big Knows do?

In the run-up to the workshop, we spoke to our WiT community, asking what they would like to be covered, we had some calls with Simon, who put together a condensed session of what he normally covers. We knew we wanted this to be an in-person event – our first one post lockdown. He provided a comprehensive pack and worksheets for us to work through in the session.  


We covered areas around what was stopping us from reaching our full potential, about being open about how you feel and how that how you feel affects your behaviour. 


There was a lot of self-reflection in the event – and working through the ‘Improve Me’ sheet that Simon prepared – brought, even more, emotional moments for some. 


Delivering positivity, purpose and clarity for TalkTalk Women In Tech Community Big Knows

Your Aha! Moment

The session was a huge success, selling out with a great mix of TalkTalk Women in Tech and male allies. It was fast-paced, interactive, and had great levels of engagement. 


We really wanted a powerful workshop – one that gave space to the personal stories and challenges, and would leave attendees feeling inspired, and ready for change! 


The workshop was attended by employees at all levels, yet Simon managed to pitch the topics at a level that was easy to understand for everyone. 


Your result

We ran a feedback form after the event – and a score of 4.75 out of 5 in terms of satisfaction! We got some fantastic feedback – and more importantly more events covering these kinds of topics. 


I really enjoyed the stories, participation actions, and Simon’s delivery style. A really positive workshop enhanced my self-awareness and helped me write actions for change.


The insight and alternative ways of thinking brought by Simon, and the opportunity to translate that thinking into my mindset and approach to life and work.


Great to think about our inner limiting beliefs and how to change our self-talk.


It made me reflect and consciously think about and challenge my thoughts, something we can forget to do in our busy lives. Simon also gave good insight into the consequences of our behaviours if we don’t change our thoughts and the possibilities if we do. The session also gave some tools on how to change your thoughts, we have a choice. Personally, I got a lot out of this – a great session.


A couple of weeks after the workshop we had an informal coffee catchup focused on the outcomes – discussing topics such as ‘Which self-limiting beliefs are you going to ditch?’ which was a great follow-on session. 


We’ve also heard back from attendees who have followed through on their ‘Improve Me’ sheets and seen great successes – everything from mindset changes to overcoming sporting challenges. Two colleagues smashed their 10K personal best by several minutes!


Your testimonial

Huge thanks to Simon and Big Knows for helping to facilitate such an amazing session for our WiT community – everything was so smooth, from the creation of the bespoke material to the running on the day, and the follow-up conversations. 


Three words to describe your Big Knows experience

  1. Inspirational 
  2. Thought-provoking/Reflective
  3. Engaging     


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