Creating positive mindset shifts across four continents and nine time zones

The challenge:

Lockdown in 2020 brought an avalanches of challenges for businesses worldwide. Atmos International, stretching across thirteen countries certainly had its hands full when it came to maintaining staff wellbeing, morale, motivation and a positive attitude.

We were approached by Dr Jun Zhang and Will Stone to identify if Big Knows could support their multi cultural workforce of 200 people across four continents and nine time zones.

” We didn’t want an off-the-shelf training course. It had to be suited to Atmos and our people. It had to work remotely for 1.5 hours maximum each week over five weeks. Simon came recommended but we still spent a lot of time discussing our desired outcomes. We wanted to share the programme across four continents, seven different timezones and achieve interaction and sharing between all our colleagues. West Coast USA waking up early 7am and Beijing staying up til midnight to join in. ”

Over to Jun to tell the rest of the story…

Creating positive mindset shifts across four continents and nine time zones Big Knows

The Aha moment

A small change could make a big difference.

The results

Simon 100% helped our colleagues focus on their own mindset, helped us to understand our minds and the benefits of positive thinking and behaviours. As a bonus, he also brought our Atmos family closely together, providing a welcome distraction from the lockdowns.

Three words to describe Simon and his Big Knows

  • warm
  • open
  • positive

Final thoughts

We really valued Simon’s ability to build rapport and involve the trainees – he was truly committed and flexible to help them all. He offered real value for money, excellent customer service and always went above and beyond in every delivery. What stood out was his desire for continuous feedback and interaction with us throughout the five weeks. Our debriefs and planning between sessions helped deliver a great result.

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